Shocking! An accident of Jolin World Tour Concert Naning station! Look back at
Happen Time: 2016-05-03 20:55:30
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 According to media reports, Jolin is going to hold  a "2015 Play" World Tour Concert in Nanning of Guangxi on this Saturday Oct. 31. Live stage structures has been almost completed in the last few days. But on the time more than 17:00 on 29th, the stage unexpectedly collapsed and many large steel structure of the bracket fell down. The chaotic scene lead to one worker were killed and 13 workers were injured. 

  By this token, we can see that the requirement of stage truss is very strict when we build a concert stage. A successful show is depends on the perfect quality of stage truss. However, the security problem of a show is often be overlooked because so many people are driven by the maximization benefit today. I deliberately looked for some stage accident photos to knock alarm bells to all the industry colleagues. Safety first!
  Rige Technology Co., Limited owns a professional stage production factory. Our truss are sold to all over the world. It did not happen any safety accidents to all of our stage projects. Strict material selection and affordable price. Welcome to Advisory!


Jolin World Tour Concert Naning station stage appearance before the collapse 


 Jolin World Tour Concert Naning station  accident scene


2011 Indiana stage collapse.



July 2009 Slovakia Trencin smug summer music festival.



2011 within Xi'an Province, China is building a stadium concert stage, tilt and collapse suddenly.


July 7, 2011 a Dutch stadium roof collapse occurred people were trapped under collapsed buildings.


July 7, 2011 a Dutch stadium roof collapse occurred people were trapped under collapsed buildings.



China a concert, due to bad weather, the stage collapsed.



The evening of 17 February 2012, the famous singer Faye Wong Chongqing concert auditorium seating collapse occurs.



That sort of thing, there are many ......

Do not ignore the interests of safety, safety first!

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