Decryption: Why LED Par price gap is so big?
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Decryption: Why LED Par price gap is so big?

Currently on the market stage lighting manufacturers countless lighting products manufacturers reported price falls far short, so buyers dazzled.

LED Par common and popular in the market, everyone is familiar with.
led par light is not missing a part of stage lighting systems, we see the surface of the light are the same.

for example 54*3W waterproof led par light , telling you that the lights are low cheap how to do it.


LED lamp on the market price varies. Why do some light beads sell so cheap, some lamp beads price difference of a few times, in fact, there are tricky.

First, it is certainly the worst materials, such as wire instead of copper wire gold wire, stent use recycled materials or scrap production, something these raw materials, the consumer is not out of the judgment, after the use of slowly expose the .

Second is to increase the use of power, had normal use of power lamp beads may just 1W, 0.75W, added to the power 3W, beyond the scope of use, the initial brightness is high, but attenuates soon, a few months on the dark.

Once again, virtual standard power, is the subject of 3W lamp beads, the real objective is to take 1W or 0.75W to replace lamp beads, or even lower, the consumer generally did not go to the test.


When the light-emitting bead work a portion of the electrical energy into heat, poor heat dissipation, a direct impact on the life of the lamp beads.

LED PAR radiator, consumers can identify visually open the lamp housing. Many market led par lamp filled with small thin radiator, a lot of businesses in order to lower prices do not install the heat sink.

As we all know, a lamp power of Par there is no guarantee how good heat sink it? How can we ensure the stable operation for a long time all bright lights beads it?


The market price is much lower power use, or are not entirely virtual standard rated power 180W led par lamp 108W low power, in fact, consumers are very easy to identify quality of power supply.

Good brand power transformers and power above the cylinder volume are relatively large, the overall look more plump texture; arrangement of components and production technology is relatively better, the overall look clean and beautiful.

Low power design of insecurity cutting corners, anti-surge, rectifier, steady flow could save the province, but also the province should not be spared, electronic components are also useful for recycled materials, without considering the security and stability of the actual use.


Motherboard drivers on the market, there are two, one is constant voltage constant current driver board another. High stability constant current board, the price more than doubled constant expensive.

Low LED Par is mostly junk motherboard constant pressure, body temperature rises when the lamp is not protected, resulting in greatly reduced service life of LED lamps. There is a cost savings, the board and the display panel integrally formed.

5. housing

Low LED Par with some impurities in aluminum die casting aluminum flakes or even a plastic housing, low cost, thermal conditions are very poor.


Familiar words you pay for, if you get a cheaper than other manufacturers of lighting manufacturers more than 40 percent of normal, this time do not be fooled. Buy cheap things you would expect, but so many things lower than the market price, you should be more careful to confirm the parameters described by the supplier is true, to found it. Ridiculously low price of the product, the seller no matter what the reason. Even at very low prices because costs are not enough, how have qualified guarantee?

Geliang Lighting only for the quality of service, to provide you with quality assurance.

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